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Posted at 11:28 PM on 3/22/2010
just a question
Posted at 11:29 PM on 3/22/2010
The peanuts :D...always watched there holiday episodes while i was growing up :D
Posted at 11:31 PM on 3/22/2010
that a good one but mine will have to be Rugrats and Doug
Posted at 11:33 PM on 3/22/2010
Oh yeah doug...i used to love that show!!!!
Posted at 11:40 PM on 3/22/2010
yea i still have the movie
Posted at 11:42 PM on 3/22/2010
I havent seen doug in so long...i even remember the theme music lolz
Posted at 11:48 PM on 3/22/2010
ren and stimpy, pinky and the brain, duck tales, x-men, transformers, Gi joe, Thundercats, Darkstalkers, Slayers, Captain planet, space ghost, chip and dale
Posted at 12:06 AM on 3/23/2010
Gargoyles, man. GARGOYLES.
Posted at 12:08 AM on 3/23/2010
CoffinStomper said:

Gargoyles, man. GARGOYLES.

oh yea...adding :D
Posted at 12:12 AM on 3/23/2010
Let's also not forget Batman: The Animated series, Highlander the animated series, and, last but not least, MIGHTY MAX.
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