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Posted 10:35 PM 12/11/2011

StPebbles said:
I like Sicily by D&G but they stopped making it ;(

Say it isn't so. :( That was my favorite perfume, guess I'll have to go back to using Allure Sensuelle.

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Posted 10:41 PM 12/11/2011
I wear Juicy Couture or Poppy by Coach.
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Posted 11:32 PM 12/11/2011
[User Deleted]
Posted 12:56 AM 12/12/2011
I have a Dolce & Gabbana sweater. Other than that - shit brand. Juicy Couture is preppy here.
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Posted 12:53 PM 12/12/2011
Personally i wear Izzey Miyake, Ralph Lauren Polo 3 and Channel
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