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Servers, toons /repeat condense
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Posted 6:24 PM 4/26/2011

I play on Azjol - Nerub EU Alliance, I have a few horde.

Level 85 Druid Daemoi

Level 69 Hunter Bloombox

Level 45 Rogue Boneyy

I have others, but I don't really care about them xD

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Posted 2:01 PM 6/28/2011

Aerie Peak Us

Justustwo 85 Huntard

Freecandy 75 Shammy

Drak'Thul Us

Fatassmcgee 60 Pally

SuperShifty 60 Drood

This post has been deleted.
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Posted 11:54 AM 7/15/2011
All my characters are Burning Blade. AllianceAcademy - 85 Resto ShamanAintnofamily - 85 Arms/Fury WarriorBeastmode - 35 Beastmaster HunterHordeStatic - 85 Frost/Fire MageWutaburger - 65 Ret/Prot Paladin
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Posted 4:55 PM 7/28/2011
Andorhal(Horde) Rogue,DK Both 85....how about you all join my Realm
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Posted 4:02 AM 8/16/2011
Caixy on Mal'Ganis horde pls
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Posted 5:55 PM 8/16/2011
Rryu, on Hyjal (horde)
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Posted 8:43 AM 8/19/2011

Computersocks said:
Rryu, on Hyjal (horde)

Ooooh Paragon. My friend Jenna is in that guild.

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Posted 5:48 PM 8/19/2011
lol, I recently met Jenna (in game) she's a beast pvp healer (on her priest). I feel safe next to her. ~_^
[User Deleted]
Posted 5:54 PM 8/19/2011

Computersocks said:
lol, I recently met Jenna (in game) she's a beast pvp healer (on her priest). I feel safe next to her. ~_^


[User Deleted]
Posted 7:01 PM 8/19/2011
Graros, the Ingenious gentleman of Korgath. 'nuff said.
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Posted 8:20 PM 8/26/2011
Goodluckbear - Lvl 85 Tauren Druid - TanarisShattenengel - Lvl 85 Tauren DK - Moon RunnerShattenengel - Lvl 85 Gnome DK - Exodar
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Posted 7:14 AM 9/8/2011

Server Bloodscalp (Horde)

Bishtank - 85 prot war tauren

Acaelusthorn - 83 holy pally tauren

Bishdk - 81 frost dk blood elf

Azaillia - 45 restro shammy goblin

Bishheelz - 43 holy priest blood elf

Bishnuker - 42 acrane mage blood elf

Poundedbeef - lvl 1 druid tauren

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Posted 11:32 PM 12/10/2011
Server: Mal'ganis.Ahriel - 85 frost pvp MageServer: Jubei'thosFabbz - 85 feral pvp DruidThey are my 2 mains. Many other alts :D
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Posted 4:26 PM 4/3/2012

Server Shu'Halo (Alliance)

Kazrael - 85 Draenei Hunter

Kazwick - 85 Dwarven Paladin

I have a million alts on different servers. My hunter was originally an Orc on Kil'Jaeden, but I switched back to Shu'Halo to raid with my original guild.

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Posted 2:02 PM 4/17/2012
Server Forgotten Coast (Alliance)Gunreir - 85 Dwarf WarriorPalathus - 85 Dwarf PaladinServer Altar of Storms (Horde)Lagnarok - 85 Orc ShamanI play different servers and swap at times out of whim.
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Posted 1:14 PM 5/8/2012
Server: TichondriusNexe - 85 RshamDeadwinds - 85 Blood DKVora - 85 Feral Tank DroodDamnedesire - 85 IdkINeverPlayHerBecausePriestsSuckComparedToHowTheyUsedToBe PriestAlso play beta on Lost Isles so come lvl with me if you have a key <3 <3 <3
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Posted 2:10 AM 7/27/2012
At the moment I'm mostly playing Fainauri on Hyjal. Horde side level 83 (almost 84) Mage. Us.

I also have Javachip a level 23 Hunter on alliance side.

I'm not working on my others quite yet.
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Posted 8:14 AM 7/30/2012
Suicidetank (main) 85 Horde Orc Fury/Prot Warrior
Intolerant 85 Horde Orc Unholy/Blood DeathKnight
Soulcrushr 85 Horde BloodElf Holy/Prot Paladin
Hush 85 Horde Undead Arcane/Fire Mage

Badvodou 85 Alliance Ele/Resto Shaman
Cannibalgirl 70ish Alliance Blood/? Deathknight (raising this toon now.)
[User Deleted]
Posted 2:22 AM 9/13/2012

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