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11 hour(s) ago
Manboywhore posted a comment on Harkhet's profile:
Life is a wall of dicks; you climb it with your mouth. So QUIT BEING A FAGGOT AND SUCK THAT DICK
2 day(s) ago
Harkhet So many game­s, so little­ time!
3 day(s) ago
Harkhet posted a comment on Manboywhore's profile:
Careful throwing that one around, you'd be in deep shit if I were Wanda Sykes you know.
4 day(s) ago
Manboywhore replied to the forum topic "Popular members":
No fuck you.
4 day(s) ago
Manboywhore posted a comment on Harkhet's profile:
Everyone is real, you're just being gay inside.
6 day(s) ago
LeRoux replied to the forum topic "Popular members":
you all suck.
6 day(s) ago
LeRoux i lold
2 week(s) ago
Harkhet uploaded new photos to their album: The Culprit
3 week(s) ago
Harkhet So tired of ­passive agre­ssive bullsh­it. Is anyon­e real anymo­re? I feel t­erribly unde­rapreciated.
4 week(s) ago
Baelfur replied to the forum topic "Popular members":
^ this guy is kewler
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